Soon to be nestled in the heart of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, near the historic FortTalesa, a most unique nightlife destination, Los Duende. Travelers, adventure seekers, tourists and locals alike will not want to miss this enchanting bar and restaurant. Featuring an upgraded décor inside a historic building, the venue promises to provide delightful days and enchanting nights with libations, delicious food and live entertainment. Promising to educate its patrons on the Taino and Jivaros culture of the native Indians of Puerto Rico, Los Duende will be the next up and coming spot in historic Old San Juan. 
Q: What is the purpose of the coin? A: To help raise capital for the bar in lieu of commercial loans and to have a closer connection with the people that believe in the owner’s entrepreneurial efforts and willingness to give back to the people of Puerto Rico and the culture and mystique of Old San Juan.  Q: What do I receive when I purchase a coin?  A: Your $300 investment purchases a .99 silver custom limited edition minted coin. Each numbered one-of-a-kind coin is redeemable after the bar’s Grand Opening for the amount of your initial investment. Each coin purchaser will also have his/her name on a permanent placard within the establishment.  Q: How long do I have to redeem my coin and receive my initial investment? A: You can take how ever long you need to redeem, the coin does not expire but after the 2nd year of the bar being open we will contact those who have not redeemed the coin in an attempt to have them return the coin so we may return the initial investment. Q: What if I decide to keep the coin? A: The coin bearer will receive a 30% off all services provided by the company including, but not limited to, bar, B&B and souvenirs. Q: What happens once I visit the establishment and redeem the coin? A: In addition to the aforementioned return of the initial $300 investment*, each purchaser will receive one (1) entry per year (for the first five years) into a drawing in which the Grand Prize winner will receive airfare and accommodations for three days and two nights in an exclusive invite to Los Duendes. Each purchaser will also be recognized with a personalized placard which will be displayed in the establishment and given a limited edition coin replica to replace the .99 silver minted original as a token of appreciation.  Q: What if I lose the coin? A: Due to the individual numbered nature of each coin, the purchaser will be insured against the redemption value of the coin* upon verification of identity with official form of government issued ID. Each coin may only be redeemed once. Should the lost coin be located after redemption, it will no longer be eligible for redemption.  For all other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at
A lofty childhood dream birthed the creation of the coins of Los Duende. “Los Duende,” or mythical creature in Puerto Rican Spanish, is the namesake of Old San Juan’s newest upcoming nightlife destination.  The brainchild of Omar De Jesus, native Puerto Rican, each numbered limited edition coin is crafted from one ounce of .999 pure Silver; a true showcase piece for coin collectors and travel enthusiasts alike. De Jesus, who has a service industry connoisseur for the last decade, had always dreamed of opening his own nightlife entertainment establishment.  “I was invited to a birthday party when I was 12.  It was held at a bar in Puerto Rico and I fell in love with the space as soon as I saw it. Since then, I’ve always wanted to open my own place. Somewhere that people could come and sit and talk, be entertained, socialize and forget their worries. Having grown up in historic Old San Juan, it’s home for me. I knew that someday I would have my own place there.”  There is a myth in Puerto Rico, that holding a coin from a mythical creature would give the bearer luck. De Jesus, heeding the words of his father, an avid coin collector, decided to mint the coins of Los Duende and offer them to future patrons.  “The purpose of the coin is to invite and encourage travelers and supporters to visit Puerto Rico and Los Duende,” says De Jesus.  Not just a collector’s piece, but each  coin is an invitation.  “Once Los Duende is complete, I invite each coin holder to visit my establishment where they have the choice to redeem each coin for a tab in the amount of the price  of the coin, or to receive their full money back in exchange for the coin.  There will be a wall in Los Duende where the name of each coin bearer who redeems their coin will permanently reside.”  Built on the premise of paying it forward, De Jesus hopes that his unique approach at starting his establishment will gain supporters and followers.